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Robot Evolution

Developer: Chario Games

The robotic laboratory was not successful so it was abandoned by not knowing that it has its own intelligence and ability to assemble and evolution its body parts from other robots to get stronger. There are a lot of intellectual aliens in this universe like in the future to create to do lots of work in this planet. The creators have created a lot of robot by imitating from animals, monsters or creatures in the imagination to work and entertain such as robot dog and robot chicken as toys for children, robot unicorn and robot dinosaurs to show in the zoo, robot zombie for aliens who like challenge, adventure and want to be like the hero, robot lion for battle in the war and boxing robot which has powerful punch to fight or attack for entertainment. This world is much more comfortable. The robot that aliens created do not have its own wisdom. It will proceed according to the order as the conventional machines or bots. This time, the aliens tried to create a robot with a brain and can develop itself up but the result was so disappointing. This tiny robot was like the normal robot with weakness. Therefore the aliens discarded it at the abandoned factory in the space without knowing that it has its own wisdom and can further develop itself by assembling steel , iron and parts of another robot into a new body such as jet rocket parts for flying, fins and tail of the fish robot for swimming, adapting to the horse legs in order to run faster and jump higher. When it grow up, it seeks out new hunting robot in order to get new parts for developing its body to become the ultimate king of the strongest robot.★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★- Hunting parts and scrap from various kind of robots in this planet- Assembling the body to develop itself
★★★ APP GAME FEATURES ★★★- Robots can be transformed into different 15 forms.- There are 12 different types of robots for hunting as spare parts.- Evolution System- Beautiful scenes and effects- Free food from watching video